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When He Heals Wounds

Some of my most treasured moments have occurred when God revealed the source of an unknown pain, healed it and set me free from it’s bondage. Glorious! I have experienced so much revelation and healing in the last year or so, which is why a recent post by Christine Wright at inCourage greatly resonated with me. I can relate to her moment of emotional healing and how she expresses it…

“I sat in tears for a long time.  God took each little shard of hurt, down to the last splinter, and gently removed it from my heart.”

The King is Enthralled By Your Beauty


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2 thoughts on “When He Heals Wounds

  1. Anna on said:

    Love this post. I recently finished treatment for thyroid cancer and I feel like I have so much healing to do. I know it will happen but healing takes time. Thanks for sharing this!

    • vsfowler77 on said:

      I imagine your need for emotional healing is nearly as great as the physical healing portion. I spent the better part of year tackling childhood wounds and I agree… it takes time.

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