Following and Abiding

… because He said to



I’m almost 35. I’m almost too old to join the military (is that right?) I’m getting a little more grounded everyday into the ‘older but wiser’ club, but there is so little I can grasp.

I’ve been a great mommy, but I am coming up short when it comes to parenting teenagers.

I’ve always known my daughter inside and out, but 3 weeks into public school and there are suddenly places of her that I can’t reach.

I’ve always known the love of the Father, but I wonder if I can call him Daddy?

Sometimes I think I know something so well only to realize I can barely grasp the concept of it. This is unsettling, scary… and ok. I recognize that when there are things that I do  NOT understand, there must be a source that/who DOES understand. I like being teachable.



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2 thoughts on “Grasp

  1. Visiting from FMF. I can totally relate to the struggle of parenting a teenager and trying to guide and influence them when they are struggling to get out of your grasp. So thankful I have Him to teach and guide me, too.

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