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New 1000 Gifts Challenge

So while reading Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts I started my own list of ‘gifts’ (things I’m thankful for.) It has been slow going, but enjoyable. On Monday’s I would add my little link to her Multitudes on Monday blog posts with my post of the gifts I’ve added to my journal throughout the week, usually about 8 things. I’m re-taking one of my favorite classes through Redeemer Ministry School this year that is led by my worship-leader-slash-friend, Holly Benner (who first introduced me to A.V.’s book), and one of her assignments is to keep a thanks journal which needs to be finished by December… and must contain 1000 items.

Hmm… I’ve been working on mine since June and I’m only in the 40’s. (Yes, I asked if I could use transfer those things to my 1000 list. Yes, she said no. Is she, like, TRYING to challenge me or something?) Mathematically speaking, this would be 13 thanks a day, which sounds do-able until I fall a few days behind. Or sit there absolutely stumped because I can’t think of something to go after #126 and then I feel like an ungrateful shmuck. It’s easy to sit outside on a summer morning with my bible and coffee and birds and trees and jot down a gift in my journal as I’m inspired by something beautiful. It’s a totally different thing to sit down at the end of the day when I’ve dealt with moody teenagers and dog mud  and grocery shopping and blah blah blah. In this adventure, however, I’m already being transformed. Already finding a calmness in my spirit as I look ahead to my list of do-do’s and find myself in the middle of two 14 year old’s fighting over a can of Pepsi.

Yes, Pepsi. This is big stuff, people.

I really don’t feel like posting about 100 gifts/thanks each week on my puny, rarely-read blog so I took some snapshots of my what I’ve got going on so far and will probably list or expand upon a couple of my favorites.

One of my most favorite thanks themes right now is walking Eden (my ten-year-old) to and from school. She talks non-stop and I love it. It’s just she and I and it’s quiet and sweet and she’s such a cute fashionista that I want to squeeze her regularly. Right now the leaves are changing into this remarkable red color. I mean, red like I’ve never seen. She confidently prances  into the building with her book bag bouncing on her back and Nike shoes paired with a lace skirt and I want to point her out to everyone and say, “That one belongs to me. I’m sorry your kids aren’t as amazing.”

Hands down the most challenging was the day one of the dogs ate a whole movie theater box of Nerds and pooped it out all over the boys bedroom carpet. I mean ALL OVER.

This is not a beautiful thing to blog about, but it’s real.

So I’m scrubbing the carpet at 6:00 am before I’ve even had my coffee and talking out loud to myself, “How in the world could I ever be thankful for this?” When I’m on my knees wiping up dog poop talking to myself is the least embarrassing thing I can do. I finally came up with this… I’m thankful for carpet. I really am! I haven’t had carpet in 10 years. Hard wood floors are over-rated. You can’t curl up on a hard, cold floor and play Barbies and puppets. Thousands upon thousands of mom’s are raising their kids on dirt floors and I’m cleaning my soft, ivory carpet.

Oh yeah, poor me.

I’m currently about 40 thanks behind so I spent my last 1/2 hour of consciousness last night curled up in my flannel sheets and recalling the many, many gifts I’ve been given. Could there be any better way to spend the end of my day?


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One thought on “New 1000 Gifts Challenge

  1. Sallie Collins on said:

    You are so going the right direction with this, Val. I love YOU! And I am thankful for YOU! ~ Pal Sal

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