Following and Abiding

… because He said to



I had an ordinary day yesterday. I hit the snooze button 3x because I was listening to my boys get their own breakfast and chit chat over pancakes and get their laundry out of the dryer and it was just too wonderful to interrupt. And I was lazy. I made dinner early and felt awesome. I spent an hour alone with my oldest child, listening to him talk about computer programs and gaming strategies. I went to my friend’s house and curled up on her couch and she listened to me spew out my frustrations and successes without interruption. I watched grown adults pelt kids with dodge balls. I had a heated argument with a fourteen-year-old over socks. Socks. I fed the dogs, fed the dishwasher, fed the dryer, fed my family. How blessed I am that these things are ordinary and how shameful that I consider many of them a burden.




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7 thoughts on “Ordinary

  1. Oh, I have done the same thing – seeing the gift as a burden. May God interrupt my thought processes and call me to gratitude!

  2. vsfowler77 on said:

    Hmm, I’m thinking that would be a great prayer… interrupt my thought process.

  3. Here’s to looking at “our burdens” in a different light. Calling them a new name!

  4. Me too. Now mine are grown up and somedays I wish I had them back. Just the three of us.

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